23 February 2019

Mass grave ( Poem Of Buried People)

This is the soil that dissolved your flesh 
the soil that bore your blood and bones 
earth worms witch saw your tearful pain and story
testifiers of the mass grave 
before the time 
the place you walked in happy
the place you struggled 
now you have been buried without identity 
earth worms will sing for you 
to banish your loneliness and pain
of stuck under the earth until you come out from grave 
to reveal the truth

19 February 2019

18 February 2019

Nazi's Hate Of Jews

This is a historic and controversial photograph taken by Jewish photographer Alfred Eisensdaetd on 1933 ,during a league of national conference at the carton hotel in Geneva.
Photograph represents the third leader and propaganda mister Joseph Goebbels of Hitler's Nazi regime looking at the Jewish photographer with pure hated eyes.

In the picture, Joseph Goebbels is grabbing the arm of chair with the total power of his body while controlling his Jewish anathema.  this was most unflattering image taken of hi-ranked Nazi figure. 

17 February 2019

Demon Eyes