19 February 2019

Learn Smart Phone Photography (PDF Document)

When today mobile photography has become a popular hobby of people.  everybody uses smart phones.if we think about 15 years back we had to use a digital or analog camera to take a good quality picture.thanks to the technology we have embedded camera in our smartphones.in addition there are many mobile apps in online stores to edit and increase the quality of the picture you taken from your smart phone.

Just like the traditional photography smart phone photography became a subject to learn.really this is not a vast scale subject like traditional photography but the developing of technology that uses in smart phone cameras technics of photo shooting was developed. this PDF will help you learn to take a good quality picture from the smart phone camera. this lesson covers you following main subjects over 56 pages.

  1. Basic Fundamentals of Exposure 
  2. Photography tricks and effects
  3. Night Photography
  4. Useful Photo Apps

ආදරණීය මතක සුවද

ඔයාගෙ සුමුදු මුහුනෙන් ගලාගෙන ආව ආදරණිය සුවද ගිනිමද්දහනේ රිය කවුලු තුලින් හමාවිත් මගේ මුහුනේ දැවටිලා සිහිල් කල ඒ සීතල සුලගෙන් පවා මට දැනු...