13 January 2019

Store Behind This Blogger Theme

Since my start of blogging in 2009, i was familler to google blogger (A.K.A Blogspot) platform.
in that age  i was an Advanced Level student in school.

Really i had not any knowledge to work with online tool like WordPress and my recent selection was Google Blogger.Blogger is easy and comfortable with newbie bloggers to keep blogging.

But unlike advanced WordPress, Blogger had only limited facilitation to customize the blog,and blogger theme was not attractive like WordPress.after 2015 minimized blogging templates ware popular around the world.    

Some of XML template creators for blogger had been got an approach to develop blogger templates like WordPress and it was a new inspiration for Blogger Users. 

Since recent i'm also used such templates that developed by Unknowns.but few days ago i made this minimal template with blogger customization option .  look at below image.


I customized blog as the look of Blogger Official site.you can visit it from this link.this theme is clear minimal and attractive.

I think i'm right.i know that people who attracted to this them is looking for setup there blogs with this theme .don't worry.you can download this theme from my google drive here.

ආදරණීය මතක සුවද

ඔයාගෙ සුමුදු මුහුනෙන් ගලාගෙන ආව ආදරණිය සුවද ගිනිමද්දහනේ රිය කවුලු තුලින් හමාවිත් මගේ මුහුනේ දැවටිලා සිහිල් කල ඒ සීතල සුලගෙන් පවා මට දැනු...