Page Navigaton Widget For Google Bloggers

At first i must say that this is not a Tech Blog. but thought to share this post for the people who are using the Google Blogspot Platform (Google Blogger). most of personal bloggers has been accustomed to use Blogspot platform for blogging due to it's simplicity and affordability of cost. but when consider with the platform like WordPress,blogspot is not a better solution due to lack of blogger plugins.

when i design this blog.i had wanted a page navigation system to go easily forward and backward through my posts .then i tried many plugin cords to add the post navigation.most of them were not worked due to Google Blogger new update .but except one. (look at the page navigation that i have added in my blog )

I found this navigation plugin from specialty of  this plugin is ability of adding directly through the bloggers Html/Java Script not requires any changing of the inherent cord of the blog  through Edit HTML view .get this widget from this blog.if there any question related installing this plugin please mention in below comment box.