Hero Of Our Time By Mikhail Lermanthov

A  book of my past life, a book that reflects my identical brother from thoughts. "Pechorin alexandrov" the blueprint of my life philosophy. the Hero that explains in the book.since my childhood i was addicted to read Russian literature.

most of time i read Russian children books.when i mature from the age. i started to read grate Russian literature books from authors like. Mikhail Sholohov,Maxim Gorky,Dosthoyavsky,Gulgakoyav and Tholsthoy. i learned to love the people from that  books really after my mother.

it's a fortune that meet to read the book "Hero OF Of Our Time" witch was written by Grate Russian poet Mikhail Lermanthav.Story of the book goes about a Russian military officer called Pechorin.from the story the writer reveling the hidden and mysterious life story of Pechorin by third party eye after his death. You  will understand, Pechorin is not a hero according to the conventional world.

he haven't save the life of any one or he have not helped to poor people .he have not talk for low class people. he his just a mirror reflection of common human evilness and selfish. Pechorin is not belive in love,he is not aggressive .he is broken and love to the loneliness and isolation.he destroys others lives even closing to him but he is not a depressive person.it is his view of life.     

Expressing of  Pechorin was equal with me over 90% , really i do not know ,it might be common incident that face every human. but i believe "Pechorin" was the most clear image that reflected the dark side of my own life to me.