The President Candidate

You are an animal as a Lion
drop your sword and kneel 
when you face me 
take your own time and
say last words
you'll not get fogive from me
you are an animal 
and im the king 
don't roar at me
my guns 
faster than you swords
obey me and kneel
i'm the king now
you are just animal 

I Felt Your fragrance

I  felt it
the fragrence of love
that breezed from your face
even among the
rusty people 
even in this 
late night
own to

Harem - Bohemian Pants For Men (Pictures 06)

Doing Collage

Since few time ago, i was looking for do some artistic thing in my leisure time in addition to blogging .i tried many things, but i couldn't do them successfully most of time. few days ago i saw some creations had been done and posted in Tumbler that can do easily with discarding old magazines called "collage".

i saw many beautiful creations. all of them had been made basing some creative idea .i think this collage should be the art of photo editing in 70's or before .because in that era we had not well developed software's like Photoshop.

 but the imaginative people have done this for express some idea through collage. To make a collage,you need just need some clear images that separated from old magazine or news paper, and big imagination with glue .you will understand after seeing below images that what i saying this enthusiastically . 

collage art is easy to do with graphic software's also.only thing is ability to handle the graphic tool.i tried to do one with Photoshop,but i was fail due to my low power PC and lack of my knowledge to handle such professional tool. but i could find an alternative to crop and separate images called photoscissors .

Mass grave ( Poem Of Buried People)

This is the soil that dissolved your flesh 
the soil that bore your blood and bones 
earth worms witch saw your tearful pain and story
testifiers of the mass grave 
before the time 
the place you walked in happy
the place you struggled 
now you have been buried without identity 
earth worms will sing for you 
to banish your loneliness and pain
of stuck under the earth until you come out from grave 
to reveal the truth

Everything That Kills ME Make Me Feel Alive

Learn Smart Phone Photography (PDF Document)

When today mobile photography has become a popular hobby of people.  everybody uses smart phones.if we think about 15 years back we had to use a digital or analog camera to take a good quality picture.thanks to the technology we have embedded camera in our addition there are many mobile apps in online stores to edit and increase the quality of the picture you taken from your smart phone.

Just like the traditional photography smart phone photography became a subject to learn.really this is not a vast scale subject like traditional photography but the developing of technology that uses in smart phone cameras technics of photo shooting was developed. this PDF will help you learn to take a good quality picture from the smart phone camera. this lesson covers you following main subjects over 56 pages.

  1. Basic Fundamentals of Exposure 
  2. Photography tricks and effects
  3. Night Photography
  4. Useful Photo Apps

Nazi's Hate Of Jews

This is a historic and controversial photograph taken by Jewish photographer Alfred Eisensdaetd on 1933 ,during a league of national conference at the carton hotel in Geneva.
Photograph represents the third leader and propaganda mister Joseph Goebbels of Hitler's Nazi regime looking at the Jewish photographer with pure hated eyes.

In the picture, Joseph Goebbels is grabbing the arm of chair with the total power of his body while controlling his Jewish anathema.  this was most unflattering image taken of hi-ranked Nazi figure. 

Hero Of Our Time By Mikhail Lermanthov

A book of my past life, a book that reflects my identical brother from thoughts. "Pechorin alexandrov" the blueprint of my life philosophy. the Hero that explains in the book.since my childhood i was addicted to read Russian literature.

most of time i read Russian children books.when i mature from the age. i started to read grate Russian literature books from authors like. Mikhail Sholohov,Maxim Gorky,Dosthoyavsky,Gulgakoyav and Tholsthoy.

 i learned to love the people from that books really after my mother. it's a fortune that meet to read the book "Hero OF Of Our Time" witch was written by Grate Russian poet Mikhail Lermanthav.Story of the book goes about a Russian military officer called Pechorin.from the story the writer reveling the hidden and mysterious life story of Pechorin by third party eye after his death.

 You will understand, Pechorin is not a hero according to the conventional world. he haven't save the life of any one or he have not helped to poor people .he have not talk for low class people. he his just a mirror reflection of common human evilness and selfish. Pechorin is not belive in love,he is not aggressive .

he is broken and love to the loneliness and isolation.he destroys others lives even closing to him but he is not a depressive is his view of life. Expressing of Pechorin was equal with me over 90% , really i do not know ,it might be common incident that face every human. but i believe "Pechorin" was the most clear image that reflected the dark side of my own life to me.

Expressing of  Pechorin was equal with me over 90% , really i do not know ,it might be common incident that face every human. but i believe "Pechorin" was the most clear image that reflected the dark side of my own life to me.

Store Behind This Blogger Theme

Since my start of blogging in 2009, i was familler to google blogger (A.K.A Blogspot) that age  i was an Advanced Level student in school.

Really i had not any knowledge to work with online tool like WordPress and my recent selection was Google Blogger.Blogger is easy and comfortable with newbie bloggers to keep blogging.

But unlike advanced WordPress, Blogger had only limited facilitation to customize the blog,and blogger theme was not attractive like WordPress.after 2015 minimized blogging templates ware popular around the world.    

Some of XML template creators for blogger had been got an approach to develop blogger templates like WordPress and it was a new inspiration for Blogger Users. 

Since recent i'm also used such templates that developed by Unknowns.but few days ago i made this minimal template with blogger customization option .  look at below image.


I customized blog as the look of Blogger Official can visit it from this link.this theme is clear minimal and attractive.

I think i'm right.i know that people who attracted to this them is looking for setup there blogs with this theme .don't can download this theme from my google drive here.

Start Of A Little Journey

I was touched the blogging before about 10 years ago. since 2009 still i'm trying to be a good professional blogger.most of time ,less of my time and laziness crossed the ability of beaming a good writer.

Anyway, in this my new blog i hope to percent you about how i and what i see about this world there around us.

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